Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do you really need to drive?

I don't drive but I live near a big city. I usually commute by train or bus- mostly by train. I find most places easily accessible by public transport. They are fairly punctual and I don't have to worry about busy traffic and road accidents. I can just enjoy the ride, read a book or do a bit of thinking while I commute. That's one of the advantages.

I haven't really done a serious cost comparison between owning a car and using public transport. I've always thought using a public transport comes out to be cheaper than owning a car and is a lot safer and you get to do other things while you commute. Paying the insurance and regular maintenance costs add to your overall expenditure.

If you live closer to work, friends and family, maybe you don't really need a car. However if you have to travel longer distance regularly, then this may not be a right option for you. Personally, I can still go on without a car. Any thoughts?


  1. We've always lived in areas without much public transportation so have always needed cars. I am curious though, if we would be able to use public transportation, how it would work with 2 little ones and carseats and such. I am a bit of a safety nut and would insist on a carseat on busses and in taxis. I would love the savings though!

  2. @Audra: Thanks for your thoughts. Carseats on buses and taxis would certainly be good. I think I have seen taxis with carseats but I'm not 100% sure.